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Merkel vows to fight antisemitism

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has condemned the anti-Semitic slogans at rallies in German cities held against Israel's Gaza offensive.


Such remarks were an "attack on freedom and tolerance, and the attempt to undermine our free and democratic basic order" she was quoted as saying on Wednesday. "This can not and will not be accepted."


At pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities slogans like "Jew, Jew, cowardly pigs - and come out to fight alone" were chanted. It is feared that there will be further abuse in the next few days in already authorized rallies. The police announced tougher action.


Merkel also insured: "We will continue to advocate for the safety of our Jewish citizens." She added: "The security authorities are taking every attack on Jewish institutions and against individuals very seriously. Anti-Semitic crimes are consistently pursued with all legal means."

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies

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Despite the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, there are also some efforts to maintain the good relations between Jews and Arabs. For instance, on the Twitter the hashtag # JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies (Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies) made its appearance a few days ago with the publication by a journalist of Lebanese origin, Sulome Anderson, who shared a picture of her and her fellow Jew. The photo quickly became viral and other mixed couples, or children of mixed couples, have followed this steps.


The Facebook page dedicated to this movement already has over 7,100 fans.


This is one initiative in a sea of anti-Jewish incidents which have been reported since the beginning of the current Gaza conflict.

Anti-Jewish sentiment growing in Germany

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In many German cities, demonstrations against Israel have turned into vocal anti-Jewish protests. "We are witnessing an explosion of violent hatred against Jews," said Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. He urged politicians for stronger action.


The focus of the demonstrations started against the Israeli government's action against the people of Gaza. So far, there are 600 dead, many of them civilians.Now, the protests include anti-Jewish chants and hate-slogans against Israel - no matter whether in Essen, Göttingen and Berlin. "Zionists are fascists", "child murderer Israel" or "Down with Israel" was chanted.


In Berlin, police and prosecutors investigate whether the slogans were ethnically and therefore punishable. In addition, the police had to protect Jews from attacks.


On Saturday, a Jewish couple got massive threats when they moved near a pro-Palestinian demonstration. The man was identified as a Jew because of his Kippa. "Nazi murderer Israel", "fucking Jews, we'll get you!", shouted the crowd.


In Essen, eight people participating in the "peace demonstration for the Middle East" were arrested. Many participants chanted slogans against Israel. Later, 200 demonstrators attacked a pro-Israel rally; using bottles.

Berlin: Will police arrest Imam after hate sermon against Jews?

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An-Nur (Light) Mosque in Berlin had invited a very special guest preacher on the occasion of the recent Friday prayer. The Danish Imam Abu Bilal Ismail is known as a preacher with a simple primitive worldview. His reputation was demonstrated once again during his sermon last Friday: "... O God, destroy the Zionist Jews…kill them to the last," he said in Arabic to faithful crowd.


Abu Bilal's words revolve around the current Gaza conflict. "The Zionist Jews," he referred to as "child killers that make women widows" and those "who attack Gaza with everything they have." God would "bring the earth under their feet to the quake."


"Such a call would be as sedition under Section 130 of the Criminal Code (Criminal Code, note) to condemn, "says Burkard Dregger (CDU), Member of the Berlin House of Representatives and Speaker for integration policy. "I have therefore filed a complaint with the Berlin police."

Erdogan party "longs for Hitler"

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Turkish prime minister has made recently several antisemitic statements, saying among others that "Israeli crimes in Gaza are more barbaric of Hitler's". It seems the Turkish leader has special sympathy to the Nazi dictator. An indication of this can be found in his party's newspaper Yeni Akit, which published today the image of Adolf Hitler as the centerpiece for its daily word game, and the phrase “We long for you” [Seni arıyoruz] as the answer for the puzzle.

Gaza war boosts antisemitism in Europe

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Amid the rise in the conflict in Gaza, many Jewish communities all over the world, especially in Europe have been attacked; in a context that anti-Zionist is mixed with anti-Semitism.


France has been the stage of many anti-Semitic riots, and this Saturday was not different, when 3,000 protesters decided to participate in an unauthorized rally to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza. It ended up with fourteen French police officers wounded and 38 people were arrested. Protesters burned Israeli flags as the crowd cheered them on. One group of a dozen men spoke loudly about “hunting Jews and killing them.”


Jewish shop owners closed down their businesses and stayed away from the area on Saturday, according to Victor Sofer, a Jewish barber. “They own the streets now,” he said about the protesters.


Now, it is also the turn of Denmark where the Jewish community (Det Jødiske Samfund) has reported an increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric and even death threats: a total of 18 anti-Semitic incidents reported within the community this year, 13 of them took place in July as the conflict between Israel and Hamas flared up.

Amid Gaza war: Growing antisemitism in Switzerland

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The anonymity of the Internet provides a great stomping ground for anti-Semites. Now the escalation in Gaza provides additional thrust on Facebook. Antisemitic entries have multiplied in recent days.


This is also the case in Switzerland. A Facebook group in Hetzer spread a call for "Demo for Palestine in Switzerland". Within a day, 5000 people have joined it. Today, the group has been active for only a week and boasts more than 7,000 members.


Judging by the name, the friends are especially Muslim men with roots in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, who make freely anti-Semitic statements. There are several calls to carry out today a rally in Zurich against the war in Gaza near the Israeli embassy in Bern.


The Facebook page is full of insults against Israelis such as "sons of bitches" and "traitors of the country" and "cursed people." One writes: "I want Hitler back." MY * commented on a picture of Hitler. ", I hope he returns and there carries on where he left off»


Also ML hails Hitler openly without shameless. On his Facebook profile, he has a picture of the Nazi dictator uploaded, provided with anti-Semitic slogans.

Shocking anti-Jewish demo in Berlin

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During this protest, held Saturday in Berlin, demonstrators chant: "Jew, Jew, you cowardly bastard, come out and fight alone!"


See the video of this protest here


Antisemitism rising in Switzerland

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On Friday evening, a rally for Palestine takes place in Zurich. It was called by various organizations, including the radical Islamic Center of Switzerland, for the "mobilization of Gaza". On several Facebook promoting the demo, comments by Palestine sympathizers were anti-Semitic such as: "Only a dead Jew is a good Jew," "Adolf Hitler was the only medicine against Jews," "we must exterminate the Jews", "gas".


The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) is alarmed. "The hatred has reached a dimension that I have never experienced before," says Secretary-General Jonathan Kreutner.


Should the rally actually move into a district, where many Jews live in Zurich, this would be very dangerous, so Kreutner commented: "We are concerned and we hope that the perpetrators of the threats come to their senses and the authorities do everything possible to ensure the protection of Zurich's Jewish population."

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