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Ban auction of Nazi items !! Respect victims !

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The largest Jewish organization in France has called for the cancellation of a planned auction of personal items belonged to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Reich Marshal Hermann Goering. The auction was a "form of moral indecency" and disrespectful to the "victims of Nazi barbarism," said the umbrella organization CRIF. The organization called on the French Ministry of Culture, to prevent the auction.


The Paris-based auction house Vermot de Pas plans on April 26 to auction books, passports and other items that come from Hitler's Bavarian Alps residence Berghof at Obersalzberg and the neighboring house of Goering. Among the approximately 40 pieces are identity papers of Goering, a deed of gift by the Spanish dictator Franco to Goering and a decorative ceiling with swastikas and the imperial eagle.


The Observatory on Anti-Semitism BNVCA called the proposed sale "obscene". The auction violated the memory of the victims of National Socialism, a spokesman told Sunday to the French radio."We have asked the Interior Ministry and the police to ban the auction."


An expert from the auction house said the sale was perfectly legal. The items were taken by French soldiers in 1945 from the residences of Hitler and Göring on the Obersalzberg.

Bob Dylan cleared in Paris

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A French court has dismissed a lawsuit by Croats following an interview with U.S. musician Bob Dylan. A judge in Paris noted that Dylan did not agree to the publication of the interview in the French edition of the magazine "Rolling Stone." The authorization of the interview was, therefore, only for the U.S. edition of the magazine.


The judge said that it should be proved that Dylan agreed to the publication of the interview in France. Only then he could be prosecuted.


The French "Rolling Stone" edition had published the interview in October 2012. There, Dylan had talked about the racism in the United States and compared the persecution of the Jews under the Nazi regime with the clashes between Croats and Serbs. "If you have the Ku Klux Klan fanatic as ancestors, blacks feel that, even today. Just as Nazis felt Jews' blood and Croats can feel Serbian blood." The Council of Croats in France threw Dylan claims to have compared Croats with Nazis.


Dylan's lawyer Thierry Marembert said the court has recognized that Dylan didn't want anyone, "heart or defame".


Anti-semitic incidents in Ukraine and Paraguay

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Neo-Nazi groups that have been involved in the overthrow of former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich have vandalized a Holocaust memorial in Odessa, an Ukrainian city located 500 kilometers from Kiev.


Swastikas and other Nazi symbols were painted on the monument; along with the phrase "Death to the Jews.” The walls of the nearby Jewish cemetery were also found painted, according to UNIAN news agency.


Also, in Asunción, Paraguay, an antisemitic graffiti was found on the wall of the Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum "Dr. Walter Kochmann" is the first to be built in Paraguay and opened in November last year as a center for Holocaust studies.


Monthly anti-Semitics incidents report

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In the last month there have been many anti-Semitics incidents some have been reported already here, but ItonGadol (a Spanish news website) has summarized the main ones.


- In Agen, France: Several buildings from the city center were painted with neo-Nazi messages and swastikas. Some of them said: "SS. Death to the Jews and the Arabs."


- Moscow, Russia: On Avtozavodskaya subway station the following phrase was written: "Bravo! We took Crimea! Remains only to send gays to prison camps and the Jews to Israel ...And we will live how we should!".


- Jönköping, Sweden: A youth center was "decorated" by anti-Semitic phrases, some of them said "Jewish pigs", "they are going to burn in hell”, alongside swastikas with stars of David.


- Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States: A swastika was carved on the door of a bedroom at New Mexico University.


- Nogent sur Marne, France: Stickers with the words "dirty Jew" were put on electoral posters of Nicolas Leblanc, candidate of the Socialist Party.


- Toulouse, France: Phrase praising Muhammad Merah - who murdered students and a professor at the " Otsar Ha Torah " Jewish school was painted at one wall of the Bagatelle district


- Antwerp, Belgium: Anti-Semitic graffiti (swastikas and Hitler's name) appeared on the walls of a Jewish school that belongs to the Hasidic community Vischnitz.


- Kempen, Germany: Anti-Semitic phrase, interpreted as a message of the extreme right, was painted in an old cafe, located in what was once a refugee camp in World War II.


- Wichita, Kansas, United States: "Kill all the Jews" phrase was painted on two walls of a business.


- Paris, France: The electoral propaganda of several Jews candidates in the past elections were vandalized - painted with swastikas and anti- Jewish phrases. And Edwin Legris , one of the candidates was attacked in his home along with his wife and children by thugs with baseball bats, which caused them serious injuries.


- Toruń, Poland: a plate in tribute to the murdered Jews and the synagogue on the street of Malgoska during World War II were smashed.


- Offenbach, Germany: Supporters of Kickers Offenbach football club, returning by train to the city after a dispute with Eintracht Frankfurt fans, began to sing and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.


- Boca Raton, Florida, United States: The glass door of a Chabad synagogue was shattered.


- Paris, France: A Jew with a yarmulke reported that he was attacked by three men in their 20s who, after shouting "Death to the Jews , dirty Jew , dirty bastard'' and other expressions he did not understand in Arabic, beat him and drew a swastika on his chest.


35% of French are "racist"

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35% of the French say they are "somewhat" or "a little" racist, according to the annual report on the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia released last Tuesday by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH, acronym in French).


As explained by Christine Lazerges, President of the CNCDH, racist speech has become common last year and it penetrates all layers of society.


In this context, more French assume being racist, according to a BVA poll for CNCDH with a representative sample of 1,026 adults: 9% said they are "quite racist" say (+2 points compared 2012) and 26% said they are "a little racist" (+4 points). This racism is mainly targeting Muslims.


Most of the French however unequivocally condemn anti-Semitism and "indicates acceptance" of the Jews, which remains far higher than all other groups. 85% of respondents believe that the Jews are like other French (against 65% for Muslims). Clichés, like the theory of a particular ratio of Jews to money, however, are very persistent and common, according to the study.


According to figures released by the Ministry of Interior, anti-Semitic acts and threats fell 31 points between 2012 and 2013, while anti-Muslim acts rose 11 points. But these figures only reveal the "scum" of phenomena, says the president of the CNCDH.


New York City: Number of violent anti-Semitic attacks up

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The number of violent anti-Semitic attacks in New York City more than tripled last year, but on the other hand the total number of anti-Semitic incidents declined by 19% throughout the United States , said last week the Anti -Defamation League (ADL ) .


According to its report, even though the total number of anti-Semitic incidents dropped, there was a significant increase in violent anti-Semitic assaults. The ADL Audit categorizes anti-Jewish incidents into three categories: assault, vandalism or harassment. In 2013, the numbers broke down as follows:

- Assaults: 31 incidents reported in 2013, compared with 17 in 2012;

- Vandalism: 315 incidents in 2013, compared with 440 in 2012;

- Harassment, threats and events: 405 incidents in 2013, compared with 470 in 2012.


“We must remember that there are people behind every one of these numbers, and every incident represents one person or an entire community affected by the trauma of anti-Semitism,” said Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL National Chair in the press release. “Every swastika scrawled on a school or rally held by a racist group demands a response -- by law enforcement, by the community, and by public officials -- to ensure that we reinforce the message that anti-Semitism is unacceptable in society.”


Member of Putin Party: Jews killed Jesus !

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A St. Petersburg City Council member of Russia's ruling party has made statements suggesting that the Jews killed Jesus. Vitaly Milonov made these statements last month during a meeting of the City Council of St. Petersburg, where he acts as Member of Council for President Vladimir Putin's party “United Russia”, reported the news site.


“They [the Jews] defame every saint, this is their tradition during the last 2000 years. Starting with the appeals to bring the Savior [Jesus] to the cross, it ended with the accusation of anti-Semitism against the St. John of Kronstadt,” Vitaly Milonov said during his speech on 19 March at the City Council, according to the report.


Milonov endorsed a draft law to be decided in June which provides to establish a municipal holiday in honor of St John of Kronstadt. John of Kronstadt, is one of the prominent leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church from the 19th Century.


His legacy remains controversial because of his membership in an ultra-nationalist organization declared legally which supported the anti-Semitic movement and the pogroms against Jews.


But Milonov said such criticism was based on “complete lies, a modern neoliberal fairytale with a sulfur-depth history of Satanism.”


The Chabad-member Association of Jewish Communities of Russia and the Russian Jewish Congress condemned Milonov's comments.


“In his words, the Russian-Jewish community recognizes an expression of anti-Semitic stereotypes, starting with the traditional accusation of Christ's crucifixion and ends with a veiled reference to modern Russian Jews as” neo-liberal politicians,“ wrote the Federation in a statement on its website.


Milonov's speech was followed by an anti-Semitic remark on Russian state television. A TV presenter claimed that the Jews were to blame for the Holocaust itself, because they were “attracted to it” through their behavior.


The speech Milonov and the comment on the TV presenter come at a delicate time for the Putin administration as the Ukrainian revolutionaries accused him as anti-Semitic.


Since the outbreak of the revolution in November against the government of former President Vicktor Yanukovych, Ukraine has faced a barrage of anti-Semitic attacks.

Anti-Semitic attack in Antwerp

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A Jewish school in Antwerp, Belgium, was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the weekend. The police opened an investigation.


The Belgian city of Antwerp, a center of the global diamond business, has a large Haredi community and has a reputation as a "quiet" place when it comes to anti-Semitism. But this tranquility was broken this Sunday when members of the community found anti-Semitic graffiti drawn on a building in which there is a Jewish school.


The school, operated by the local Vischnitz community had swastikas and Hitler's name scrawled on the walls. Parents who brought their children to school on Sunday morning were surprised to see the graffiti that apparently were made on Saturday night.


The police arrived quickly to the scene and opened an investigation, but so far there is no indication of who might have done it.

Despite its reputation and its supposed tranquility, such incidents are not unknown in Antwerp. Four months ago, a Jewish man was attacked by an Arab as he walked down the street on Shabbat. Several Jews who were in the area at the time helped and managed to stop the attacker, who was captured later. The victim suffered minor injuries.


Anti-Semitism moves French Jews to Israel

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Amid the rising trend of anti-Semitism in Europe, French Jews are more interested than ever to study and move to Israel. This desire is reflected in the rise of immigration from France to Israel.


Thousands of Jews in France attended a special aliyah fair held in the heart of Paris on Sunday. This was sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the World Zionist Organization. Dozens of representatives of Israeli housing projects, companies and corporations, government agencies and schools were present to answer questions about immigration to Israel, and to discuss programs, benefits and options for immigrants.


Since January, according to the Jewish Agency, 854 immigrants from France arrived in Israel, compared with only 274 who had arrived in the same period of 2013. It attributed the dramatic increase of 312 percent immigrants to the work it has been doing in the country: the education of French Jews on the options available. Authorities said their efforts were aided by a deterioration of the French economy, and especially by the dramatic increase in anti-Semitism in the country, in which many Jews have been harassed and attacked by thugs and local bands in recent months.


Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption and the Jewish Agency unveiled a new governmental plan to encourage immigration from France. The plan includes increasing the number of emissaries of the Jewish Agency in France, increased marketing efforts, the development of new immigrant absorption programs and the establishment of a special commission headed by the Director General of the Prime Minister to remove obstacles to the arrival of the French people. The plan also sets clear parameters to increase the number of olim, looking to double its number in the coming years.


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