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Germany: Muslim Council president rejects anti-Semitism

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The president of the Muslim Council of Germany, Ali Kizilkaya denied that among the Muslim community in Germany there is a serious problem of anti-Semitism, however he defended criticism against Israel's military operation in Gaza Strip.


"Muslims reject anti-Semitism," Kizilkaya told the "Mitteldeutschen Zeitung" newspaper in its Saturday edition. The Muslim leader also argued that "criticism of Israel's conduct is justified", but not the activities against Jewish people. "All kinds of hatred, either anti-Semitism or racism against Muslims is unacceptable," said the representative of the Muslim Council.


The demonstrations against Israel's military offensive in Gaza have raised concerns in Germany, after last week when some incidents against Jewish people or buildings were reported. In some pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin, anti-Jewish insults were heard, while in the city of Essen a dozen of people were arrested allegedly when trying to attack a synagogue.


Dozens of celebrities and politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have warned of the risk of a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Germany.

EU leaders vow to fight antisemitism

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The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy condemned on Tuesday the increase in anti-Semitic violence during the protests against the conflict in Gaza and said they would do everything possible to combat this trend in their countries.


"The anti-Semitic rhetoric and hostility against Jews, attacks against Jews and synagogues, have no place in our societies," stated the foreign ministers of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier; France, Laurent Fabius, and Italy, Federica Mogherini, in a joint statement issued in Brussels.


All three said that while respecting freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration, they will do everything possible to combat acts and statements that cross the line of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia.


Since the beginning of hostilities between Israel and the terrorist Hamas, participants in demonstrations against Israel in Germany have frequently used anti-Semitic slogans and called for the Jews to be killed by poisonous gases, a reference to the killing of Jews by Nazis in the Holocaust.


On Tuesday evening in Berlin, about 500 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched from Potsdamer Platz to the Brandenburg Gate. In France, earlier this week young pro Palestinians have repeatedly clashed with police and torched vehicles, robbed shops and attacked two synagogues in Paris suburbs. In Italy there have been pro Palestinian peaceful demonstrations.


Jewish groups have expressed shock and distress at the increasing anti-Semitism in Germany and other European countries with large Muslim populations.


Meanwhile, French President Francois Hollande met Monday with Muslim leaders at the Elysee Palace, where he told them that the fight against anti-Semitism will be a "national cause".

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies

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Despite the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, there are also some efforts to maintain the good relations between Jews and Arabs. For instance, on the Twitter the hashtag # JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies (Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies) made its appearance a few days ago with the publication by a journalist of Lebanese origin, Sulome Anderson, who shared a picture of her and her fellow Jew. The photo quickly became viral and other mixed couples, or children of mixed couples, have followed this steps.


The Facebook page dedicated to this movement already has over 7,100 fans.


This is one initiative in a sea of anti-Jewish incidents which have been reported since the beginning of the current Gaza conflict.

Gaza war boosts antisemitism in Europe

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Amid the rise in the conflict in Gaza, many Jewish communities all over the world, especially in Europe have been attacked; in a context that anti-Zionist is mixed with anti-Semitism.


France has been the stage of many anti-Semitic riots, and this Saturday was not different, when 3,000 protesters decided to participate in an unauthorized rally to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza. It ended up with fourteen French police officers wounded and 38 people were arrested. Protesters burned Israeli flags as the crowd cheered them on. One group of a dozen men spoke loudly about “hunting Jews and killing them.”


Jewish shop owners closed down their businesses and stayed away from the area on Saturday, according to Victor Sofer, a Jewish barber. “They own the streets now,” he said about the protesters.


Now, it is also the turn of Denmark where the Jewish community (Det Jødiske Samfund) has reported an increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric and even death threats: a total of 18 anti-Semitic incidents reported within the community this year, 13 of them took place in July as the conflict between Israel and Hamas flared up.

Amid Gaza war: Growing antisemitism in Switzerland

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The anonymity of the Internet provides a great stomping ground for anti-Semites. Now the escalation in Gaza provides additional thrust on Facebook. Antisemitic entries have multiplied in recent days.


This is also the case in Switzerland. A Facebook group in Hetzer spread a call for "Demo for Palestine in Switzerland". Within a day, 5000 people have joined it. Today, the group has been active for only a week and boasts more than 7,000 members.


Judging by the name, the friends are especially Muslim men with roots in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, who make freely anti-Semitic statements. There are several calls to carry out today a rally in Zurich against the war in Gaza near the Israeli embassy in Bern.


The Facebook page is full of insults against Israelis such as "sons of bitches" and "traitors of the country" and "cursed people." One writes: "I want Hitler back." MY * commented on a picture of Hitler. ", I hope he returns and there carries on where he left off»


Also ML hails Hitler openly without shameless. On his Facebook profile, he has a picture of the Nazi dictator uploaded, provided with anti-Semitic slogans.

Antisemitism rising in Switzerland

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On Friday evening, a rally for Palestine takes place in Zurich. It was called by various organizations, including the radical Islamic Center of Switzerland, for the "mobilization of Gaza". On several Facebook promoting the demo, comments by Palestine sympathizers were anti-Semitic such as: "Only a dead Jew is a good Jew," "Adolf Hitler was the only medicine against Jews," "we must exterminate the Jews", "gas".


The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) is alarmed. "The hatred has reached a dimension that I have never experienced before," says Secretary-General Jonathan Kreutner.


Should the rally actually move into a district, where many Jews live in Zurich, this would be very dangerous, so Kreutner commented: "We are concerned and we hope that the perpetrators of the threats come to their senses and the authorities do everything possible to ensure the protection of Zurich's Jewish population."

Antwerp shop not selling to Jews !

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So far this week has been a busy in regards to anti-Semitism incidents. Cases were reported in the US, Belgium, Germany, UK and Yemen. And the week is not over yet....


- Ugene, Oregon, US - Swastikas were scribbled all over a mailbox adjacent to a national Jewish fraternity's house at the University of Oregon. The case is under investigation by local police.

- Eltingville, Staten Island, NY - A Hasidic Jew was a victim of an attack in the neighborhood of Eltingville, Staten Island, Sunday morning. He told the cops that a group of unidentified men threw eggs and fast food drinks at him and yelled anti-Semitic slurs from a passing car.

- Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY - Three men were arrested Monday night by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force for vandalizing a Yeshiva property and a nearby house in the Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn. It was written: “You don’t belong here” and “Go out.” A large swastika was also drawn.

- Antwerp, Belgium - On Saturday, 500 people attended an anti-Israel demonstration in the city and shouted slogans about slaughtering Jews. The demonstration coincided with a similar demonstration in Paris which escalated into what European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor called an “attempted lynch” outside a local synagogue.

- Antwerp, Belgium - A Jewish woman from Antwerp says that she was told in one shop "we currently don't sell to Jews, out of protest". Afterwards a Jewish paper Joods Actueel sent a reporter to the shop and confirmed the story.

- Baumweg, Frankfurt, Germany – The inscription “Fuck Juden” has been sprayed on the stone fence of the synagogue.

- Rada’a, Yemen – Joseph Ben Mazal, head of one of the few ultra-orthodox Jewish families that have remained in Yemen was seriously attacked when he was riding his bicycle. A vehicle hit him and fled from the scene.

- Hendon, London - Vandals have painted antisemitic graffiti on a Jewish home in Hendon. An image of a swastika was daubed above the front door of a property on Sunday night.

France: Anti-Jewish slogan but what police say?

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Another antisemitic incident in France as anti-Jewish slogan was discovered Wednesday morning in Pezenas Herault. The wall of a potter shop, located downtown, was drawn with a slogan read "the dirty Jew emerges" with a swastika.


Additionally, the window of the shop has been vandalized during the night. Currently, investigators from the police are skeptical. Firstly, the owner of the business is of Muslim origin. Then there would be no Jewish neighbors near this shop. Thus, according to press sources, investigators do not exclude a simple commercial rivalry or a case related to the extreme right. A complaint has been filed and a judicial inquiry is opened.

Anti-Semitic protests in Germany

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These days, almost every day anti-Israeli demonstrations are being held in North Rhine-Westphalia, the national German daily newspaper "Die Welt" reported. On Friday night, for example, about 100 demonstrators marched through downtown Essen and only police action prevented them from attack the Old Synagogue. On the same night protesters called in Bochum "Israel is child murderer", and in Gelsenkirchen calls "Hamas, Hamas - Jews to the gas chambers," were chanted during a demonstration.


According to the newspaper, many Muslims take the streets to protest against Israel. The first highlight was a demonstration in Dortmund was on Saturday afternoon, when 2,000 people demonstrated against Israel. Banners, including slogans such as "Stop Jews" on a Star of David or "The Star of the devil," were used by the protesters. Dortmund's demonstration included also several members of neo-Nazi movements.


The Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia said on Saturday that it supports these demonstrations, "organized by the Palestinian community and offer them to our supporters." Within this framework, the Youth League of the Left Party put on its Facebook page pictures of Hitler and anti-Semitic slogans.


Two Jews attacked in Morocco

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Two Moroccan Jews have been attacked in recent days in Casablanca by the same person, angered by the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip. He has been detained by police.


The first attack reported Friday when he assaulted the person in charge of Jewish ritual slaughter in Casablanca. The Rabbi was knocked to the ground unconscious and beaten by this individual.


The second was hit by a stone in the head as he left a synagogue in the same city, but police, apparently guarding the temple, immediately arrested the aggressor, reported the official Moroccan news agency MAP.


According to the agency, which failed to mention the issue of Gaza, the detainee has been identified by the two victims and is being investigated under the supervision of the prosecutor to determine the circumstances and reasons for his aggression.


The Jewish community in Casablanca linked the double assault to the Israeli military operation in Gaza, although the official Moroccan version speaks of a man "with apparent mental disorders."

Calls in Paris: "Death to Jews !"

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On Monday morning, pro-Hamas protesters gathered in Paris and trapped hundreds of Jews in a synagogue. They then threw rocks and bricks at the synagogue and reports say they were chanting "Death to Jews."


The Jews were permitted to leave after riot police broke up the mob. Two members of the Jewish community were lightly injured.

picture credit : StandWithUs Facebook

Rabbi attacked in Morocco

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A Moroccan rabbi was attacked Friday in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, by a young man who made reference to the latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


According to a Sunday report by the Tel Quel weekly website, the attack occurred while the victim Moshe Ohayon, walked toward the synagogue. His attacker, whose identity is unknown," asked "Inta Yahoudi?" (You're Jewish?). What the IDF (Israeli army) is doing to our brothers?


Mr. Ohayon stated that he had received "a violent blow," falling to the ground and being beaten "until he disappeared."


"I filed a complaint and now I expect the results," he added.


According to relatives interviewed by the media, he suffers from "three broken ribs."


This incident occurred a few hours before the Friday night events in Rabat and Casablanca "in solidarity with the Palestinian people." A thousand people attended a gathering to protest Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip


In a statement, the Moroccan authorities have criticized Israel's "military escalation (...) as unjustified and unacceptable". Morocco has about 5,000 Jewish citizens, the largest North African Jewish community. Their number amounted to nearly 300,000 in the middle of the last century.

Sweden: Why Jew was brutally beaten ?

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On the background of the new escalation of the Arab-Israeli conflict a Jew in Sweden was brutally beaten with metal pipes near his home just because he hanged the Israeli flag. On Saturday night, in the third largest city in Sweden Malmo, unknown assailants smashed the glass of the window, through which an Israeli flag could be seen. After hearing the noise, the man living in this apartment went outside to see what was happening, and was attacked by a group of young people and severely beaten with metal pipes.


From the words of the victim, the flag was hanging on this spot for over a year, but previously it did not bother anyone. Local law enforcement agencies suggest that the crime was committed on the grounds of national hatred.


Reacting to this crime, local Rabbi Shneur Kesselman noted the increase in anti-Semitism sentiment in the country. He attributed this to support in Israeli policy towards Palestinians by the Jews, which angers Muslims living in Sweden.


"Just last week, someone spat in my face and screamed, 'damn Jew.' Previously, it was rare, but now similar cases increased, so most of the time I try to spend outside the city," the Rabbi said.

The importance of Atlas of the Holocaust

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The historian Georges Bensoussan released his new work Atlas of the Holocaust . In a hundred maps and graphics, it traces the roots of the genocide, the coordination of each of its phases and its geographical deployment.


"Anti-Semitism before 1939," says Georges Bensoussan, is the heir strata of medieval demonology of Jews. It superimposes the face of the own revolutionary anti-capitalist circles of Judeophobia, the distinctive European nationalities and the new racial anti-Semitism, which rests on the Aryan myth. "


The participation of the people of Eastern Europe in the killings, whether mass murders via Einsatzgruppen or death marches, or mass liquidations are products of pogroms which took place several decades ago. The pogroms of the post-war committed against the survivors of the camps by villagers and townspeople in Poland confirm the will of eradicating the Jews forever.


This terror, which was not a break but a result, is not healed even today, said the historian. Europe and the Arab world lead today the anti-Semitic sentiment. All are based on the denial of the Holocaust and the poisonous theories that transforms the victim into guilty. Anti-Jewish passion is unifying.

Putin stresses need to fight reviving idea of Nazism

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Distortion of history - stupidity and arrogance, the Russian president said yesterday at a meeting with a delegation of rabbis from abroad - Israel, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France, about Holocaust deniers. Also present were the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and the head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Beard. U.S. was represented by the human rights organization "America without Nazism" head, Leonid Bard. The meeting discussed the struggle against neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia, and the Holocaust.


"We meet with you before very sorrowful date - in 1942 in Sevastopol thousands of Jews and members of the Turkic-speaking peoples," were killed, Vladimir Putin opened his speech. "We in Russia are very familiar with the tragedy of the Holocaust as six million Jews were killed in the Soviet Union and the countries of Europe," he recalled. Representatives of the Jewish people fought against Nazism in the Red Army and made a worthy contribution to the fight with him.


"The tragedy of the Jewish people takes, of course, a special place in the number of crimes committed by the Nazis during the Second World War," the Russian leader said.


"I repeat, we are in Russia know about it and feel the pain like no other, because, you know, more than 20 million Soviet people, the vast majority of them Russian, were killed during the struggle against Nazism," he added.


The Russian Head of State recalled his visit to the museum of "Yad Vashem" in Israel. "It made me very impressed," he shared his memories - all is done so skillfully and so shrill, that it does not leave anyone indifferent."


"I want to assure you that we in Russia will not only always remember these tragedies, but will always cherish the memory of the dead, and we will do everything possible to prevent the recurrence of similar tragedies in the future," said Vladimir Putin.


Of particular concern is the reviving idea of Nazism, the president stressed. "I want to thank the Jewish community, and non-governmental organizations that are actively and courageously (fight against this), I mean some of the entities in the world today, continue to wage an uncompromising struggle against all manifestations and any attempt to revive the Nazi ideology," he said. "We consider you in this regard our closest allies, and I ask you to treat us as such," added Vladimir Putin.

Disgrace: German teacher stealing from Auschwitz

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A 47 year old German teacher was arrested this week at the Auschwitz Extermination Camp, in Poland on suspicion of stealing items belonging to the prisoners.


The museum guards found in his belongings at least 12 objects, including cutlery and scissors, which belong to the exhibition.


The teacher argued that the objects were removed from the bungalows to show his students, who study on the Holocaust. He was released after being accused of theft, was fined and accepted probation.


In recent years there have been several similar cases in of Auschwitz. Three years ago, an Israeli couple was arrested in Cracow Airport, when in their possession there were nine items that had been stolen from the death camp museum when during their visit. They were also fined and received probation.

France: Socialist Party member makes anti-Semitic statements but not suspended

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In a statement, the federation of the Socialist Party (SP) of Rhône strongly condemned the remarks made by Member Ahmed Chekab. The assistant sports in Vaulx en vellum has reportedly made anti-Semitic statements vis-à-vis Zitoun Philippe, a former assistant sports official, during an argument with a president of an athletics club in the city.


David Kimelfeld the first federal secretary of the SP , wants above all that the principals of the party are met. In a firm tone, he recalled the values of the party: "What we can not compromise, as members of the Socialist Party, a Humanist Party whose DNA is a full rejection of racism and anti-Semitism and we are required for absolute adherence to these values."


However, the mayor of the 4th arrondissement of Lyon wants to hear the different views of the case before establishing "any disciplinary proceedings." According to sources, the SP does not consider to suspend this elected member for the time being.


On May 30, a rather rowdy conversation about an hour took place between the new assistant sports, Ahmed Chekab and president of an athletic club. Obviously, the two men have known each other a long time, after the first was sending an email about a race that could not take place due to lack of funding from the city. In the conversation, the assistant uttered anti-Semitic insults aimed Philippe Zittoun, the former sports assistant.

Algeria: Will it be safe to pray in synagogues?

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Algeria wants a synagogue that was closed in the 1990s for "safety reasons" to reopen, said an Algerian minister. The statement about the reopening of the synagogue, was made on Thursday by Religious Affairs Minister, Mohamed Aissa.


"There is a Jewish community in Algeria, which is welcomed in our cities and has a right to exist," said Aissa last week at a conference in the capital, Algiers, writes the Liberte newspaper.


Algeria, he added, "is ready to open synagogues again." But he also said that the government had no intention to do so immediately, for reasons of safety. "We need to create safety precautions before opening the synagogues for the faithful."


The synagogues were closed under threats from Islamist groups in the 1990s. Tens of thousands of people died then in terrorist attacks and reprisals by the Algerian government, during an insurgency by armed Islamic groups.


The number of Jews living today in Algeria is not known. But experts estimate that the Jewish population of the country consists of only a handful of people. They tend to keep secret of their faith fearing of being a target of Islamist extremists.


Algeria was once home to more than 100,000 Jews, but the vast majority of them left after the creation of Israel in 1948 and during the bloody war of independence against the French occupation of the North African country.

Anti-Jewish insult by editor of French website

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Boris Le Lay, founder of the extremist Breiz Atao website is once again in the middle of a big controversy. On Friday, he publicly insulted on the social network via his Twitter account, Guy Birenbaum a columnist on Europe 1 but also editor and teacher-researcher.


Boris Le Lay lashed his origins as Birenbaum's father was Jewish, a leather worker and activist of the Communist Party. This extreme insult sparked a wave of emotion throughout the weekend on social networks. Guy Birenbaum said yesterday afternoon via Twitter that he plans to file a complaint.


The founder of the extremist website, currently in Japan was already condemned many times for inciting racial hatred, threats of violence and defamation, also attacked members of the French football team for their origins and Thierry Guerrier, a journalist and presenter on France 5 also in Twitter.


Boris Le Lay was convicted on September 24 by the court of Brest for "incitement to racial hatred." He had targeted Marie Gueye, General Counsel of Brest.

The photo which ridicules the Nazis

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The story is worthy of a novel. In the 30s, the Nazis chose a baby to embody the model of the perfect little Aryan. The child - Hessy Taft, appeared on posters, postcards and even cover pages of Nazi magazines. But the "irony" is that the German newspaper Bild has unveiled that the baby was ... Jewish.


In 1935, the mother of Hessy Taft, Pauline Levinson, asked the famous Hans Ballin to photographing her daughter. Some time later, she discovered the photo of Hessy on the cover of 'Sonne ins Hauss "(" The sun in the house "), a group led by a friend of Hermann Göring. Outraged on the magazine, Levinson asked the photographer to explain. He admitted that his family is Jewish and still have deliberately offered this portrait to the Nazi party as the latter had launched a competition to find the "perfect Aryan baby ".


"I wanted to ridicule the Nazis," justified Ballin. The plan worked perfectly since it was Joseph Goebbels himself who chose the photo of Hessy.


The mother of the little girl was so concerned that she decided to hide it. Thus the truth was concealed until now. In 1938, the father was arrested and then released and the family left Germany. Hessy went first to Paris and then to Latvia before the city fell to the Nazis. With the help of the French Resistance, she escaped to Cuba, then moved permanently to the United States in 1949.


Today Hessy Taft is a professor of chemistry in New York. "Now I can laugh at this story, but if the Nazis had discovered my true identity, I would not be here today," she told Bild. She donated a copy of the "Sonne ins Haus" magazine to the Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem, and said: "I feel like a revenge with a kind of satisfaction.."

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