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Bob Dylan cleared in Paris

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A French court has dismissed a lawsuit by Croats following an interview with U.S. musician Bob Dylan. A judge in Paris noted that Dylan did not agree to the publication of the interview in the French edition of the magazine "Rolling Stone." The authorization of the interview was, therefore, only for the U.S. edition of the magazine.


The judge said that it should be proved that Dylan agreed to the publication of the interview in France. Only then he could be prosecuted.


The French "Rolling Stone" edition had published the interview in October 2012. There, Dylan had talked about the racism in the United States and compared the persecution of the Jews under the Nazi regime with the clashes between Croats and Serbs. "If you have the Ku Klux Klan fanatic as ancestors, blacks feel that, even today. Just as Nazis felt Jews' blood and Croats can feel Serbian blood." The Council of Croats in France threw Dylan claims to have compared Croats with Nazis.


Dylan's lawyer Thierry Marembert said the court has recognized that Dylan didn't want anyone, "heart or defame".


Anti-semitic incidents in Ukraine and Paraguay

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Neo-Nazi groups that have been involved in the overthrow of former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich have vandalized a Holocaust memorial in Odessa, an Ukrainian city located 500 kilometers from Kiev.


Swastikas and other Nazi symbols were painted on the monument; along with the phrase "Death to the Jews.” The walls of the nearby Jewish cemetery were also found painted, according to UNIAN news agency.


Also, in Asunción, Paraguay, an antisemitic graffiti was found on the wall of the Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum "Dr. Walter Kochmann" is the first to be built in Paraguay and opened in November last year as a center for Holocaust studies.


Member of Putin Party: Jews killed Jesus !

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A St. Petersburg City Council member of Russia's ruling party has made statements suggesting that the Jews killed Jesus. Vitaly Milonov made these statements last month during a meeting of the City Council of St. Petersburg, where he acts as Member of Council for President Vladimir Putin's party “United Russia”, reported the news site.


“They [the Jews] defame every saint, this is their tradition during the last 2000 years. Starting with the appeals to bring the Savior [Jesus] to the cross, it ended with the accusation of anti-Semitism against the St. John of Kronstadt,” Vitaly Milonov said during his speech on 19 March at the City Council, according to the report.


Milonov endorsed a draft law to be decided in June which provides to establish a municipal holiday in honor of St John of Kronstadt. John of Kronstadt, is one of the prominent leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church from the 19th Century.


His legacy remains controversial because of his membership in an ultra-nationalist organization declared legally which supported the anti-Semitic movement and the pogroms against Jews.


But Milonov said such criticism was based on “complete lies, a modern neoliberal fairytale with a sulfur-depth history of Satanism.”


The Chabad-member Association of Jewish Communities of Russia and the Russian Jewish Congress condemned Milonov's comments.


“In his words, the Russian-Jewish community recognizes an expression of anti-Semitic stereotypes, starting with the traditional accusation of Christ's crucifixion and ends with a veiled reference to modern Russian Jews as” neo-liberal politicians,“ wrote the Federation in a statement on its website.


Milonov's speech was followed by an anti-Semitic remark on Russian state television. A TV presenter claimed that the Jews were to blame for the Holocaust itself, because they were “attracted to it” through their behavior.


The speech Milonov and the comment on the TV presenter come at a delicate time for the Putin administration as the Ukrainian revolutionaries accused him as anti-Semitic.


Since the outbreak of the revolution in November against the government of former President Vicktor Yanukovych, Ukraine has faced a barrage of anti-Semitic attacks.

Anti-Semitic attack in Antwerp

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A Jewish school in Antwerp, Belgium, was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the weekend. The police opened an investigation.


The Belgian city of Antwerp, a center of the global diamond business, has a large Haredi community and has a reputation as a "quiet" place when it comes to anti-Semitism. But this tranquility was broken this Sunday when members of the community found anti-Semitic graffiti drawn on a building in which there is a Jewish school.


The school, operated by the local Vischnitz community had swastikas and Hitler's name scrawled on the walls. Parents who brought their children to school on Sunday morning were surprised to see the graffiti that apparently were made on Saturday night.


The police arrived quickly to the scene and opened an investigation, but so far there is no indication of who might have done it.

Despite its reputation and its supposed tranquility, such incidents are not unknown in Antwerp. Four months ago, a Jewish man was attacked by an Arab as he walked down the street on Shabbat. Several Jews who were in the area at the time helped and managed to stop the attacker, who was captured later. The victim suffered minor injuries.


Argentina: Cashier's name "kill the Jews"

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An anti-Semitic incident denounced in a supermarket in San Isidro, Argentina, in which the cashier's name appears as "Matajudios_Ivan" (KilltheJews-Ivan). The supermarket in question is part of the network of grocers and butchers named "EXPOALIMENTOS SA".


Adrian Maragulis , the supermarket customer who discovered the unusual nickname, told the Jewish News Agency he was "surprised".


"I realized on the train when I was returning to my house. I stopped to look at what was in the ticket and saw the name of the person who checked me. I started to ask myself if it was really a weird name. So I checked the phone book, but no one there did appear to be called that way, "said the man.


According to the vice president of the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA, acronym in Spanish), Waldo Wolff, an official complain has been made.


New game in the US: "Jail the Jews"

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Some children in the Bedford, Massachusetts, US, invented a new game: “Jail the Jews.” Which includes graffiting hate messages such as “Jews kill them all” together with some swastikas drawing, as reported by the Boston Globe .


According to police reports, swastikas, and graffiti were found at Bedford High School and in one of the elementary schools.


The problem intensifies as confrontations went beyond drawings and written messages. Close to Hanukkah and Christmas last year, in a class discussion on the difference between the two holidays, Jewish students reported that they were being accused by their Christian counterpoints of “killing Jesus.”


Superintendent Jon Sills held a community forum last week to discuss the incidents, and has reached out to different organizations that may be able to provide solutions. One of the ideas that were brought up is the creation of a program called “Love Your Neighbor,” which will encourage students to treat those with different faiths with dignity and respect.


The police are investigating the graffiti as hate crimes. Police Chief Robert Bongiorno assured that the Bedford Police Department has been working together with the schools to put an end to this story and also to prevent any further acts of anti-Semitism in the community.

Toulouse Jews urged to leave

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Two years after the murder of four Jews in Toulouse, the president of the Jewish community called on young Jews in the city to leave France. Ari Bensemhoun says that young Jews should move away because they can not practice Judaism openly and without fear in Toulouse.

"I will not deny that I have to encourage the young people in the community to make aliyah [emigrate to Israel], or to go elsewhere, where an open Judaism can flourish. Emancipated and without ever being afraid about what will be tomorrow, " Bensemhoun said in an interview with the i24 news channel.


On 19 March 2012, a French-born Islamist Mohammed Merah killed in the Jewish school in the city Miriam Monsonego, 8, along with Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two sons, Gabriel and Arieh.


According to the security unit of the French Jewish community SPCJ, the killings sparked a wave of anti-Semitic incidents. Ninety of these incidents were recorded in the first 10 days after the murder.

In a statement on Wednesday, the president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, praised the French authorities for their efforts to combat anti-Semitism and called for further actions. "Before the next murders happen you must step up law enforcement against those who preach for hatred and incitement to violence and to strengthen the fight against the extremists in the country."

Chile: Nazi art school stirs controversy

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The opening of an art school in the small town of Ancud in Chiloe Island, southern Chile, has stirred controversy among its neighbors. The institution, scheduled to open later this month, is named after Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and uses the Nazi swastika as a symbol.


In an interview with Chilean news website, the responsible for the School of Art President General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte , Godofredo Rodríguez Pacheco, shrugs off the criticism he receives, especially from the Jewish community on the island. He, however, claims to admire the nationalism promoted in Hitler's ideology.


Pacheco rebate those who oppose his school by stating that the educational system in the country is manipulated by the masons, and because of that the Third Reich is not being taught correctly, according to him.


Classes have already a starting date: March 28. And Godofredo is looking for students for his school, located in the city center. The facade is mild, woody. What draws attention is the huge red sign emblazoned with the Nazi swastika in the center. The name of the institution comes just above the sign.


The project has been in development since 2000. The goal, says the creator, is to improve the quality of education in the country. The ambition, however, goes beyond the educational field and touches also the political sphere: the idea is to formulate a new nationalist platform in the country. Godfrey states that his ultimate goal is to create a new party with a nationalist plan and he guarantees: “I do not mind of being labeled as a Nazi." “This is a school that will strengthen the political right in the region. I will not give lessons to Christian Democrats or to any leftist.”


According to the website, the petition to close the school is already on the move. A former Christian Democrat MEP said he will file a petition to the government of the province of Chiloé for the closure of the school. Representatives of the local Jewish community have also taken the case to the Ministry of Interior so “appropriate measures” are taken.


Rabbi Hillel Cohen attacked in Kiev

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The head of the Ukraine Jewish humanitarian organization Hatzalah, Rabbi Hillel Cohen, was attacked in Kiev. The incident occurred last Thursday night (13/3) when he was going to a hospital to visit a patient.


Hillel Cohen reported that, near the hospital, in a dark alley, he was attacked and beaten by strangers who chanted insults and then disappeared. The attackers broke the rabbi’s hand and wounded his leg.


Attacks against Jews become increasingly frequent in Ukraine, after the nationalist opposition had come to power in Kiev.


New theory on Hitler anti-Semitic roots

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The Cambridge historian Brendan Simms has presented the first results of his planned biography about Hitler. His thesis: Hitler's anti-Semitism was fed by hatred to the Anglo-American culture.


In a tremendously exciting and intelligent article for the "International Affairs" magazine ("Against a World of Enemies': The Impact of the First World War on the development of Hitler's Ideology"), the Cambridge historian introduces his first research results. Strangely, Adolf Hitler was resistant to the temptation of an anti-communist hatred of the Jews. Hitler's justification for his anti-Semitism was almost exclusively motivated by his anti-capitalist views.


Simms' basic thesis appears provocative at first glance: First of all, Hitler had become an enemy of the Anglo-American world, and soon was familiar with a pronounced hatred of an international capitalism. Only then he made the next step from anti-capitalist to anti-Semitism.


Hitler's anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevism came in order to respond successfully to the Anglo-American challenge. It was necessary to give rise to a German empire in order to produce a global parity between the Anglo-American and Germanic worlds. In other words, Hitler saw the Anglo-Saxon world as an enemy, before he discovered Jews as enemies, and he saw Jews as the enemies before he identified Slavs and Bolsheviks as enemies.


Simms points out the effect of the fact that Hitler fought throughout most of the First World War against forces from the British Empire and at the end of the war saw the seemingly never-ending stream of American soldiers across the Atlantic.


Hitler saw how powerless Germany was perceived as unlimited resources of the Anglo-American world. After Hitler had realized the extent of Germany's defeat and its territorial and financial consequences following the announcement of the Versailles peace terms, he began to systematize his political program.


He sought, according Simms, a response to the demographic and financial power of the Anglo-American world. Hitler therefore spoke in 1919 of "England and America" as "absolute enemies" and cared little about Bolshevism and Russia.


It therefore seems at once as logical that Hitler spoke in his speeches in the summer and autumn of 1919 again and again over the Anglo-American capitalism and what is often forgotten about the German emigration problem.


According to Brendan Simms, Hitler developed two radical goals: first, to fight inner internationalism in Germany i.e. to prevent expansion of capitalist and socialist tendencies and the other to create habitat in the east. Both goals would strengthen Germany geopolitically. Lebensraum in the East would prevent German emigration to North America. In addition, it will provide Germany with the resources that would make a parity with the Anglo-American world.


According to Hitler, the fight against international capitalism was synonymous with the fight against the United States. And it was important to fight against the Jews because Jews prevented the fight against international capitalism. Bolshevism must be combated, as it internally weakens countries.


Even in his political testament, shortly before his suicide, Hitler saw the Soviet Union and communism play virtually no role - Hitler dealt rather with the power of "international Jewry", the elite of England and the international financial system. 


Angela Arbez dies at 103

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Angela Arbez, Max's wife, died today at the age of 103. She had received on behalf of her husband the medal of the Righteous in October. The funeral is scheduled for Friday at 15 h30 in the church of Les Rousses.


During the war, Max Arbez, the owner of a hotel located on the Franco-Swiss border saved the lives of hundreds of people, Jewish families or Resistance fighters by moving them into the hotel located in the free zone. Max Arbez died in 1992.


He was recognized Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem in April 22, 2012.


The couple owned a well-known hotel for its special geographical location. When the Swiss border was redrawn in 1862, a man named Ponthus raised the idea to build a building that straddles the border between a town in France and in Switzerland. Max's father Arbez transformed the building into a hotel. During the years the joke was that a for a guest it was possible to sleep in a room with the head in France and feet in Switzerland!


Angela's funeral will be held in the privacy of the family and relatives.

Neo-Nazis plan to attack Rabbi Nachman tomb

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Russian media, including TV channel "Life news" reported in recent days that neo-Nazi cell planned to carry out an attack on Rabbi Nachman tomb in Uman, Ukraine.


Russian Life news channel reported that the terror group exposed planned to carry out the attack in the popular site among Jewish religious and Breslov Chassidim in the upcoming days, and that was revealed by "one of the intelligence agencies" when they intercepted a phone call with details about the attempt to attack the place.


No official confirmation has been received. However, the controversial Israeli journalist Avigdor Eskin posted the information on his Facebook page and later claimed that he had received approval to report the story.


Russian media reported on the exposure of the cell, emphasized that the purpose of exposure is to prevent the attack, as the streets of Ukraine suffer from total anarchy, making it harder to stop this kind of terrorists.


During a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin, explained that among the reasons for which Russia considers invading Ukraine is first of all,the request of the President of Ukraine Yanukovich to protect the local population, and also he highlighted the neo - Nazis and anti-Semites who threaten parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.



France: Rabbi attacked

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A 52 -year-old Jewish Rabbi was attacked in a synagogue in France by two unknown assailants. The attackers fled before police arrived. Despite the cruel attack, the Rabbi's health is good.


According to press reports, the Rabbi had previously requested police protection following several attacks.


As the assailants managed to escape the scene of the crime before the police arrived, the French Police opened an investigation in order to find the perpetrators. As reported by Kikar HaShabat news portal, in recent days a number of anti-Semitic incidents took place in France. Yesterday, a young Jewish boy was attacked in Strasbourg.


In addition, a group of young people yesterday shouted at a Jew who was passing by on a street "death to the Jews." The attacked was forced to flee after receiving threats.


Finally, in the first day of the current month, a school bus carrying Jewish children was attacked with stones. The bus then lost control and only by a miracle there were no casualties.

Old SS guards should face justice !

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In a world in which the Holocaust denial has become an ideological banner of not just few people, and where anti-Semitic expressions have returned to the public sphere to the point where it has become normalized and acceptable in certain circles, the justice system needs to serve as a historical memory in the fight against anti-Semitism.


Last month, the German police arrested three suspects (one already confessed) of having served as SS guards at Auschwitz extermination camp and while working in that capacity, participated in the murder of countless human beings. According to the special commission for crimes of the Nazi era, the case of Zentrale Stelle could be similar to other investigations against at least another thirty people.


Auschwitz was liberated on January 27, 1945 (date designated by the UN to remember the victims of the Holocaust), and the arrested are aged at 88, 92 and 94 years old. In this context, a question arises: is it worth at this point, that the German authorities continue to investigate these crimes as the people involved are in advanced age?


The answer is yes, it is essential that these crimes are pursued, and that those responsible are brought to justice, no matter how much time has passed. The reasons for this are varied, but there are two main reasons why: (1) one turns to the past in search of justice, and (2) due to the resurgence of anti-Semitic sentiment.


On the first reason, is better explained by Dr. Efraim Zuroff , director of Simon Wiesenthal Center. According to him, the passage of time does not diminish in any way the guilt of the murderers. In addition, reaching an advanced age should not be a reason to protect those who collaborated in the largest genocide in the history of mankind. And also each of the Nazi victims deserves that an effort be made to bring their perpetrators to justice.


On the second reason on why they should be prosecuted, there are a lot of new data every day that anti-Semitism is becoming more prominent in the world. According to the report of Anti-Semitism Worldwide 2012 by Tel Aviv University (TAU ), the number of attacks against Jews, ranging from threats, unarmed attacks, vandalism, fires and even attacks by weapons, has shown a fluctuating pattern but clearly upward in the past 25 years, reaching a climax in 2009.


As been stressed in Fight Hatred, it should be noted that the greatest increase in these incidents occurred in especially developed European countries (France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine), and the Anglo-Saxon world (USA, UK, Canada and Australia). In a survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights held in late 2013, for example, two thirds of respondents (Jews from eight European countries that account for 90% of the community) confirmed that anti-Semitism is a problem in their country, 76 % perceives that this situation has worsened in recent years and will continue to do, 46 % said there was a concern about the possibility of being harassed verbally in public, and one-third suffer some kind of physical attacks, while 57 % reported having seen or heard anyone deny or minimize the reality of the Holocaust during the last year.


All this, in a continent that less than seven decades ago witnessed the murder of six million Jews, and again today, in 2014, many fearing for their lives, as the number of French Jews who have decided to do aliyah has recently increased by 58% (from 2011 to 2012) motivated by anti-Semitic attacks in their country. However, the problem is global. The Anti -Defamation League, in line with the TAU data systematically reported incidents in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru , and  Mexico, and even in such seemingly unlikely places like Japan, where in January and February of this year some 200 books about Anne Frank ( including copies of her famous diary ) have been vandalized in various libraries.


It is in this scenario that the prosecution of Nazi war criminals should proceed, even 69 years later. It is also a moral debt to the victims, so justice can be done. But above that is the needed reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust as people seem to forget rapidly the lessons of the past. The act itself is an essential testimony about the Holocaust, and that, unlike those SS guards, anti-Semitism has not aged, nor seems likely to die soon.


By Aramis Kinciño, summarized and translated by Carla Hamoy


Hitler books with dedication in demand !

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Two copies of the Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" signed by the author were auctioned in Los Angeles for nearly 65 thousand dollars, announced the auction house Nate D. Sanders. The works, which contain the principles of Nazi ideology, were dedicated by Hitler to Josef Bauer, an early member of the Nazi party in Germany and who was also close to the "Fuhrer".


Forecasts estimated that the copies would be sold at 25 thousand dollars, but they were finally sold for 64,850 dollars. Eleven people submitted bids.


In the dedications dated 1925 and 1926, Hitler wishes a happy Christmas to Bauer, one of the leaders of the botched coup in Munich in 1923, in which following it Hitler was detained for several months, and then he wrote "Mein Kampf" (1924).


The book is banned in Germany, but can be found easily on the Internet translated into several languages.




France: Number of anti-Semitic incidents drops

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There were 423 antisemitic incidents against the Jewish community in France during 2013, according to SPCJ, the Jewish Community Security Service (France). The report states as opposed to the last 14 years the abovementioned figure, anti-Semitic incidents declined last year.


Comparing with 21012, the drop was significant: 31 percent.


The authors of the report, which was issued with the cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, stressed that despite the decline, the situation is far from being good. The number of incidents in 2013 is still nine per cent higher when compared to 2011.


The report presents a list of cities that have a higher rate of anti-Semitic incidents. Topping the list is Paris, followed by Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Sarcelles, Strasbourg, and Venice.


Among the incidents there were 41 cases of violence, one attempted murder, three arson attempts and 52 cases of vandalism.


The SPCJ also called on individual and collective mobilization against anti-Semitism. "Anti-Semitism is everyone's problem and is everyone duty to combat this problem."

WhatsApp deal leads to anti-Semitic cartoon

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After the purchase of WhatsApp for US$ 19 billion last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg returns to the limelight of the media around the world for a very different episode, this time because of anti-Semitism .

The casus belli was a cartoon of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung , in which Zuckerberg is portrayed as an octopus with the Facebook symbol on the front that stretches its tentacles on different computers and closer to the mouth of the logo of Whatsapp. The hooked nose, his lips drooping, all reminiscent of the saddest anti-Semitic stereotypes, made famous worldwide by Nazi propaganda seventy years ago.


A warning was made by the Simon Wiesenthal Center for hunting down Nazi war criminals, which has highlighted the disturbing similarity between the cartoon dedicated to Zuckerberg and those used to advertise the superiority of the Aryan race. According to Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center, this picture is similar to those used in 1938, mainly the Nazi cartoon depicting Winston Churchill as a Jewish octopus that spread its tentacles over the whole world.


Immediately, an apology was made by the newspaper and the author of the cartoon, the designer Burkhard Moor , who explained as follows: " Anti-Semitism and racism are ideologies which are totally foreign to me (…) I am sorry that it led to this misunderstanding and hurt the feelings of some readers." In Germany, the legislation that punishes the material glorifying symbols or ideologies that appeal to the Third Reich is much more severe than in any other country, but no official complains where made yet.


Pogromly resurfaces in Germany

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"Pogromly" (from the word pogrom), an anti-Semitic variant of Monopoly, published in 1997 in Germany by the neo-Nazis Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, who later formed the underground terrorist group "NSU" (National Socialist Underground), came back to the media spotlight amid the trial of Beate Zschape in Munich. Zschape (39) is the sole-surviving member of this neo-Nazi death squad, after the other two members committed suicide. She is being accused of murder, attempted murder, arson and belonging to a terrorist organization.


The procession has related her to a series of murders of nine immigrants in 2006, murdering a policewoman and attempted murder of her colleague, the Cologne bombings in 2001 and 2004 and 14 bank robberies. She has denied all charges.


On day 85 of her trial (last month), considered in Germany as the biggest neo-Nazi process, prosecutors showed the game invented by Zschape and her accomplices as an exhibit of political commitment and active involvement in NSU activities.


The goal of Pogromly is to "clean" cities (the "streets" in Monopoly) of Jews. In comparison with the original monopoly, instead of 4 railroads, there are 4 different concentration camps. There are fields for SS and SA, in place of chance and community chest, gasworks instead of waterworks, and there is a field depicting Hitler.


There are allegedly several copies of the game sold across Germany for around 100 German Marks (around 80 euros) a game in order to finance the group's illegal activities.

Time to change things in Facebook !

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A new ‘event’ has been created in Facebook: a petition for Facebook to change community standards in order to restrict anti-Semitism in the social network. And so far it got the ‘confirmation’ of over 6000 people in less than a week of its creation.


In its description it states:

“Dear Mr Zuckerberg.






“Anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in our society. Jews are attacked everywhere and Facebook is no exception. The number of anti-Semite (and anti-Zionist) pages are growing by the minute. Despite the option to report these pages, most reports are ignored. The pages and photos allowed are vile, horrific, hateful and filled with classic anti-Semitism and Jewish stereotypes. By allowing these pages, we believe that Facebook is actively supporting the spread of anti-Semitism and we DEMAND that something is done about this. Change the Community Standards and stop the hate NOW!

“By clicking GOING your name is automatically added to a petition that will be sent to Facebook's HQ and Mr Zuckerberg.


“The only way to change things is to act! Enough people signing and we WILL make our voices heard! Please share and invite your friends!

Thank you for joining us! “

Anti-Semitic incidents as report shows decrease in UK

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Last week, Antisemitic graffitis were drawn in Prague and Toulouse as the CTS (Community Security Trust) Protecting the Jewish Community published a report on anti-Semitic incidents in the United Kingdom during 2013, which establishes an 18% decrease in the number of registered cases.


In Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, a swastika was painted with acronym ACAB (short for "ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS " ) on a bank within 20 meters from the oldest synagogue of the city.


In Nob Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, a Jewish food store owner reported that he found pamphlets with anti-Semitic insults and threats in the windows of his home on Saturday and Sunday.


In Malmo, Sweden, vandals threw stones at the window of the synagogue of the city and broke one of its glasses. And in Subotica, Serbia, nine tombstones in the Jewish cemetery of the city suffered serious damage.


In Brussels, Belgium, in a train trip from Liege to Brussels via Namur, the following announcement was heard: " Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching Auschwitz. All Jews are requested to disembark and take a short shower. "


In Edirne, Babaeski , Turkey, a couple was insulted and threatened with a kitchen utensil by the owner of a restaurant when he discovered they were Jewish , according to an email received by The Algemeiner.


Finally, CTS Protecting the Jewish Community published the report on anti-Semitic incidents in the United Kingdom during 2013, which found out that there has been a 18% decrease in the number of anti-Semitic cases during this last year, compared to 2012. In 2013, 529 anti-Semitic incidents took place across the country, compared to 649 recorded in 2012. These include 69 violent assaults, 49 cases of damage and destruction to property of persons of Jewish origin, 368 cases of offensive behavior, 38 cases of direct anti-Semitic threats, 5 cases of anti-Semitic pamphlets or email messages mass media and 86 cases related to the use of social media to carry out anti-Semitic assaults or threats. In the city of London incidents decreased by 23 %, from 318 in 2012 to 246 in 2013, while in Greater Manchester the amount was almost identical: 172 incidents in 2013 compared to 170 in 2012.

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