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Institute for Historical Review


The Institute for Historical Review was founded in 1978 by David McCalden from England and the American Willis Castro: two anti-Semitic far-right politicians. The institute presents itself as "scholarly" and focuses on World War II and Holocaust revisionism. In the past, the institute has published the Journal of Historical Review, which was non peer reviewed and focused on denying the Holocaust.


On its website, The Institute for Historical Review claims to be "an educational, public interest research and publishing center dedicated to promoting greater public awareness of the past, and especially socially-politically relevant aspects of twentieth-century history."

The website also claims that the Institute does not deny the Holocaust, but rather "questions" aspects of it in order to find historical truth. However, much of the material on the website immediately disproves this. One article discusses in great detail "the lie of the alleged Holocaust and the alleged gas chambers".

Some of the things "questioned" in the articles on the website include such historically accepted facts as the Aushwitz gas chambers, the story of Anne Frank and the brutality of the Nazis.


A particularly dangerous organization, the Institute for Historical Review presents itself as a legitimately researched body interested in historical truth, while spreading anti-Semitic propaganda. Unlike most other anti-Semitic websites, presents itself with a professional layout and well written material. This could make it especially appealing to those uneducated about the Holocaust.

According to journalist Johann Hari, who attended a meeting of the organization,  "The Institute for Historical Review insists in all its publicity material that they are 'objective historians' who are only interested in discovering 'the truth about the Holocaust and other controversial historical events'. That claim seems implausible within ten minutes of the conference starting. The audience reacts with whoops to waves of antisemitic claims and slander."