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White Supremacy

Leading Hate Site: was established in 1998 and formerly owned and maintained by Frank Weltner, a member of the National Alliance, a white nationalist organization. Now owned by James Stenzel, it claims to be ostensibly a “scholarly resource” of information about the Jewish people and “worldwide Zionist criminality,” but it is in reality the internet’s first and foremost source of hateful misinformation against the Jews.

Hate Site: 'Eric'


Eric is an anti-Semitic website run by blatant anti-Semite Eric Hufschmid.

Hate Site: ‘Real Zionist News’


Real Zionist News is an anti-Semitic news site that features baseless stories on Jewish conspiracies.

David Garcia

David Garcia’s untitled website is a typical mix of anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi hatred.

Adolf Hitler and Third Reich Media

‘Adolf Hitler and Third Reich Media’ is a goldmine for neo-Nazis searching for Nazi-related documents.

Midwest Free Press

Midwest Free Press is a white supremacist news website based in Omaha, Nebraska. While the website's slogan is "Bringing Honesty to Media", in reality it is filled with anti-Semitic propaganda.

The Creativity Movement


The Creativity Movement is a white separatist group, founded in 1973, that promotes its own “Pro-White” religion. The group was formerly known as the World Church of the Creator, although it is an atheistic organization.

Martin Luther King Jr. - A True Historical Examination

Background/ Themes is a hate site that deceivingly appears to contain historical information about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. It targets both African Americans and Jews.

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

Background is the official website of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), one of the oldest and most prominent hate groups in history. The website expresses hate toward Blacks, Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, immigrants and other minorities in the United States.

National Alliance

Background is the official website of the National Alliance, an American-based white separatist political organization. The organization was founded by William Luther Pierce, a member of the American Nazi Party, and is based in West Virginia.



Podblanc is an Estonian-based video sharing website for white supremacist audiences. It was designed as an alternative to YouTube, which does not host racist and anti-Semitic material.


Background/ Themes

Redwatch Online is the website that accompanies Redwatch Magazine, a neo-Nazi British magazine that publishes personal information and photographs of alleged left wing and anti-fascist activists. Combat 18, a right-wing racialist group, created Redwatch Magazine in 1992 with the slogan “oderint dum metuant”: “let them hate as long as they fear.”

The Stormfront White Nationalist Community


The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white nationalist, supremacist neo-Nazi Internet forum. It is considered the Internet’s first major hate site.

Vanguard News Network (VNN)


Launched in 2000, the Vanguard News Network (VNN) is among the most active white supremacist hate sites on the Internet.

White Honor


White Honor is a website that promotes violence to end the 'race war'. It blames the Jews for thwarting any efforts to create a White-only country because they control American politics. It also accuses them of intimidating and conditioning 'white people' into not resisting.