Meet the Team

We are a group of friends who strongly believe in tolerance and harmony, and we know there are others like us who want to read more about it to. We cover human rights, LGBT Rights, our right to freedom of expression, women’s empowerment, bullying and harassment, and other advocacies fighting for equal rights for the marginalized and minor groups.

You’ll find the latest news and stories of acceptance and tolerance. Perhaps one day, if people learned to set aside their hatred and accepted people as they are, we could make it a safer and harmonious world. Until then, we are not afraid to be the voice of the people who need to be heard. 

Elizabeth Lee

Kelly Morgan

Kelly is a housewife and mother to twin daughter, Katie and Kaitlin. She is an active member of her twins’ school’s Parent Teacher Association and spearheads programs and advocacies that discourages bullying, embraces diversity, and provides all the students with safe and conducive learning spaces.

She teaches her kids the importance of accepting others from various walks of life. She strongly believes that more kids who understand diversity and acceptance can pave the way to a better future where everyone can thrive. 

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lee is a journalist for her local newspaper. With family and loved ones members of the LGBT+ community, witnessed their fear and stigma from being open with their non-traditional lives. As a result, she strongly supports accepting love in all its forms and for people to love who they love without judgement.

She writes news and features about anything interesting, but every now and then she enjoys writing pieces about the people’s progress on acceptance. Whether it’s a Pride Parade or a Supreme Court ruling, Lizzie is not afraid to show her support when it’s needed. 

Chrissy James

Chrissy began volunteering for the United Nations ever since she was in high school and she and her friends accepted the call to assist in their local events. Twenty years later, she is still a volunteer. But instead of assisting guests to their seats and pointing them at the right direction, she travels around the world addressing pressing issues faced by struggling people in developing countries. She’s seen the international landscape and how violence prevails in many countries due to bigotry and prejudice, and writes what should be done to stop it.